2 Hour Synchronous TA Training Sessions

First Appointment TAs

If you are a student or post-doctoral fellow working as a teaching assistant for the first time and you are a member of CUPE 3902 Unit 1, you are eligible to receive 4 hours of paid job training from your hiring department. Typically these hours will be included in your distribution of hours outlined on the Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours (DDAH) form.

For subsequent appointments of 30 hours or more, you may request additional training of up to 4 hours for each appointment.  You must submit additional training requests to your hiring department and it is at the discretion of your hiring department to approve your requests. If your department does not have a specialized department-specific session, you can, at your department’s approval, attend 4-hours of training offered by our office.

Please contact your hiring department for guidance on how you will receive your 4 hours of paid training.

As part of your paid training, you may be asked to attend a 2 hour synchronous training session delivered by the TATP. You will find dates/times and registration for these sessions below. TAs  must register prior to a session. 

All Disciplines

Friday, October 13th, 10am – 12pm (Online)

A Note on Attendance Records from the TATP

As of the 2021-22 academic year, the TATP has been providing records of attendance for all students who participate in our programming. If a you complete an asynchronous online module, or attend an online or in-person session, an electronic record of attendance will be made available to you either via Quercus or email within 3 business days. A record of attendance from the TATP can confirm that you have completed the number of hours of training identified on the record of attendance and can be remitted to your department.