Job Training Information for Course Instructors

If you are a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow working as a Course Instructor at the University of Toronto for the first time and you are a member of CUPE 3902 Unit 1, you are eligible to receive 6 hours of paid job training. It is the responsibility of the hiring department to provide and pay you for participating in such training. The 6 hours will be paid on top of your course stipend at the SGS II hourly rate. For subsequent appointments, you may request additional training of up to 4 hours for each appointment. For subsequent appointments of 30 hours or more, you may request additional training of up to 4 hours for each appointment. 

Departments can develop and deliver the entire 6 hours of training themselves, some or all first appointment training may be provided by the TATP. Please contact your hiring department for guidance on how you will receive your 6 hours of paid training. 

The TATP runs a Course Instructor Training Camp in August, December and April each year. This program consists of 5 asynchronous modules and 2 synchronous sessions for a total of 6 hours of training. The December 2023 CI Training Camp will be running on December 14th. Registration Now Open.

Additional Paid Training for CIs 

As per the 2021-23 Collective Agreement, in addition to the first appointment training for TAs and CIs, the University shall provide 2 hours of work-related paid training per academic year in which they hold at least one teaching appointment. 

Departments should communicate to their CIs about this training entitlement. CIs are not required to participate in this training. The 2 additional hours of paid training are completely optional. 

Training in the following subject areas will be considered work-related training for all appointments: 

  • Pedagogy and inclusive pedagogy 
  • Anti-oppression and anti-racism 
  • Intercultural competency 
  • Accommodations and crisis referrals 

In addition, the following training will be considered work-related for teaching appointments that require remote delivery: 

  • Online technology 
  • Online course design and management

CIs may, with departmental approval, participate in any relevant TATP professional development sessions for this additional paid training.

A Note on Attendance Records from the TATP 

As of the 2021-22 academic year, the TATP has been providing records of attendance for all students who participate in our programming. If you complete an asynchronous online module, or attend an online or in-person session, an electronic record of attendance will be made available to you either via Quercus (immediately) or by email (within 3 business days). These records of attendance can be remitted to your department as proof of completion.