Online Training Modules FAQ for Administrators

Does TATP offer online training modules for first contract/appointment Teaching Assistants?

Yes. The TATP offers several 1-hour online training modules through Quercus as one of the three options available to first-time TAs to complete their mandatory training as outlined by the 2021-2023 collective agreement between the University of Toronto and the CUPE3902 Unit 1.

How many online training modules are available through the TATP?

The online training modules correspond to the four categories of tutorial as defined by the Report of the Join Working Group on Undergraduate Tutorials. Currently, there are three modules available for completion.


How long does it take to complete one online training module?

Each online training module takes approximately one hour to complete.

Do I need to fill out the CUPE 3902 Unit 1Training Request Form for TAs who will be completing online training modules?

Yes. You need to fill out the CUPE3902 Unit 1 Training Request Form (in accordance with Article 17:01 of the Collective Agreement) for each of the TAs who will be completing the training.

Do I need to confirm with TATP before directing TAs to online training modules?

No. Neither you nor a TA needs to confirm with the TATP that TAs will be completing a module. The online modules are set up for self-enrollment so TAs only need to follow the link for a relevant training module.

How can I enrol TAs in online training modules?

All the online training modules are available for self-enrolment through links on our site.

Step 1: A TA needs to press on relevant module title.

Step 2. On the Quercus site, a TA will be prompted to provide their login and password. TAs must have a valid UTORid (login and password). If this is their first time using the login and password, it may need to be activated. They can contact the Info Commons Help Desk (or UTSC Help Desk or UTM Help Desk) with any issues related to activating or using their UTORid.

alt= image of sign in page

Step 3: They will be prompted to “Enroll in Course”.

alt= image of module enrol page

Step 4: They can then click on “Go to the Course” in order to get started. They can also access the module from their “dashboard” (which lists all the courses in which they are enrolled).

alt= image Go to Course button

How can I confirm that a TA has completed an online training module?

After completing a module, TAs will receive a TATP Training Completion Form which should list their name and date of completion. They should be asked to submit these shortly after completing the training.

alt= image of module completion certificate

Are there time limits within which a TA has to complete a module?

No. There are no time limits on completing the online training modules. Nonetheless, the hiring department should give TAs deadlines for completing the training.

Beyond the Module Completion Form, how else could I verify that a TA completed an online training module?

If you suspect a violation of the Academic Code of Conduct (e.g., altering, forging or falsifying), TATP can verify whether a TA has completed a training module. Contact for further assistance.

What if a TA has questions related to technical difficulties, labour issues or teaching?

To troubleshoot technical difficulties, TAs can contact their local tech support:

For all labour related questions, TAs can contact contact CUPE3902.

For all teaching related questions, TAs can contact TATP at