Online Training Modules FAQ for Teaching Assistants

Can completing online training modules count towards both professional development certificates through the TATP and mandatory paid training?

No. You cannot complete these modules for both mandatory paid training and for TATP Certificate programs. Online modules can only be used for training purposes.

Can I start my teaching before completing online training modules?

Yes. In most cases, you can begin your teaching contract before completing the training but please consult with your hiring department to confirm this.

What questions do I need to ask at my hiring department before enrolling in TATP online training modules?

  • Is mandatory paid training offered by the hiring department or elsewhere?
  • Will the hiring department pay for teacher training provided through the TATP?
  • Will the hiring department pay for my completion of online training modules?

If I don’t want to complete the training online, what are my options?

Inquire with your hiring department about your training options. Beyond online training, the TATP offers in-class sessions at the beginning of the fall, winter and summer semesters (often at all three campuses). However, if your department has indicated that you must complete a specific module as your paid training, you must consult with them before attending an alternate training session.

How can I confirm that I will get paid for my training before enrolling in an online training module?

If this is your first contract at the University of Toronto, you are entitled to 4 hours of mandatory paid training. Speak with the TA coordinator/administrator in your department or the course supervisor (with whom you are working as a teaching assistant) to confirm that you will get paid for completing online training modules through the TATP.

Do I have to take teacher training every year?

Training decisions for new and returning TAs are made by the hiring department. While most departments only require training for first-contract TA, there are exceptions. First, some departments require returning TAs to take training every year. Second, you may require training if you have an appointment teaching a new tutorial category (e.g., you were teaching labs/practicals and now will be teaching discussion-based tutorials). As per the 2021-23 collective agreement in addition to the first appointment training for Teaching Assistants and Course Instructors, the University shall provide two hours of work -related paid training per academic year in which they hold at least one appointment.

How can I enrol in online training modules?

Online training modules are available for self-enrolment using the following links.


Step 1: Press on relevant module title.

Step 2. On the Quercus site, you will be prompted to provide your login and password. TAs must have a valid UTORid (login and password). If this is your first time using the login and password, it may need to be activated. Contact the Info Commons Help Desk (or UTSC Help Desk or UTM Help Desk) with any issues related to activating or using your UTORid.

alt= image of sign in page

Step 3: You will be prompted to “Enroll in Course”.

alt= image of module enrol page

Step 4: You can then click on “Go to the Course” in order to get started. You can also access the module from your “dashboard” (which lists all the courses in which you are enrolled).

alt= image Go to Course button

Do I need any special software or settings on my device or computer to take the online training module?

You can use any electronic device (computer, tablet, smart device) and any browser to access the module. You may be required to enable or download Adobe Flash Player to access the module.

Do I have to complete an online training module in one sitting? How do I save my progress?

No. You don’t need to complete the training session in one sitting. Progress is tracked automatically and the module will restarted in the place where you left off.

How long does it take com complete each online training module?

Each training modules will take approximately one hour to complete.

Is my performance in the online training module going to be evaluated?

No. Although there are formative assessments (check-ins, reflections, case studies, multiple-choice questions, etc.) throughout each module, there are no summative evaluations of your performance.

How can I confirm that I have completed an online training module?

Once you complete the module, you will receive a TATP Training Completion Form, which you can share with your hiring department. Fill in your full name and today’s date, and then print or save a copy for your records.

alt= image obtain certificate of completion for online module

I forgot to save/print my Training Completion Form—how can I get another copy?

Even after completing the module, you can go back to it and reprint the Training Completion Form.

Will I still have access to the online training module after I finish my training?

Yes. You will have access to the online training module.

Who can I contact if I have technical difficulties?

To troubleshoot technical difficulties, you need to contact your local tech support:

Who can I contact if I have labour related questions?

For all labour related questions, please contact CUPE3902.

Who can I contact if I have teaching related questions?

If you have teaching related questions, you can contact TATP at

How can I provide feedback about online training modules?

At the end of each module, you will be prompted to complete a survey. If you have additional comments or concerns, you can contact TATP at