Workshop Category Descriptions

Equity and Access in Teaching and Learning Category

Workshops in this category focus on the development of teaching skills that foster more equitable and accessible classroom teaching and course design practices. These workshops focus on addressing systemic inequalities that exist in higher education through teaching practices that teaching assistants and course instructors can adopt. Some workshops may be introductory in nature (e.g. Equity in Your Classroom: Basic Principles), focused on specific technologies (e.g. Creating Accessible Visual Aids) or connected to particular disciplines (e.g. Politicizing Sciences: Addressing Socio-scientific Issues in University Classes). This category supports teaching assistants and course instructors in adopting equitable and accessible teaching practices and in developing a critical understanding of equity issues in higher education.

Educational Technologies and Teaching with Technology Category

Workshops in this category focus on both on skill development in the use of campus technologies related to teaching (e.g. Quercus, Office 365 products, iClickers) and on pedagogical theories and practices that guide use of technology in courses and classrooms (e.g. Teaching with Online Tools: Strategies and Best Practices). These workshops focus on use of technology to enable teaching and learning in face-to-face, hybrid and fully online courses. This category also includes workshops focused on social media and media use in teaching (e.g. Creative Pedagogical Uses of Media) and supports teaching assistants and course instructors in teaching with technologies specific to the University of Toronto and for adopting best practices in their teaching futures.

Reflective Practice and Teaching Skills for Academic and Non-academic Careers Category

Workshops in this category focus on developing one’s skills as a critically reflective educator. This might include workshops focused on specific teaching skills (e.g. Course Design Day), transferable teaching skills (e.g. Teaching as Performance) and reflective, community building programming (e.g. Transformative Learning in Practice, Brown Bag Lunches). Additionally, this category may include programming focused on searching for teaching careers (e.g. Teaching at Ontario Colleges, Mock Academic Interview (teaching focus)) and supports teaching assistants, graduate students and course instructors in developing their current teaching skills and envisioning connections to their future work.

Teaching Dossiers and Statements of Teaching Philosophy Category

Workshops in this category focus on the development of the statement of teaching philosophy and/or the teaching dossier through reflective activities on teaching beliefs, values and practices, strategies for writing and curation of materials and revision and feedback on documents. This category prepares AUTP participants to create their teaching dossier. Examples of workshops in this category include: Developing Your Teaching Philosophy, Statement of Teaching Philosophy Clinic and Build Your Teaching Philosophy: A Lego Workshop.

Open Category

Workshops in this category include all other TATP programming not explicitly focused on one of the above categories. These might include special topic workshops led by TATP staff or campus partners or guest facilitators (e.g. Games and Gamification in Higher Education, Problem Solving for Teaching and Learning) as well as workshops focused on teaching skills useful primarily in the university (e.g. Deep Learning in Science Laboratories and Practicals, Troubleshooting Grading and Feedback Dilemmas).