Registration & Attendance in Certificate Policies

1. Enrolling in TATP Certificate Programs

Students are required to formally register in certificate programs. Workshops completed prior to enrollment in the certificate program will not be counted towards the completion of the certificate, with the exception of participation in TA Day.

Students may co-enroll in TATP certificate programs with other campus certificate programs (e.g. GPS). However, you may not receive credit in multiple programs for single attendance in workshops. Additionally, you may not complete the same workshop multiple times for credit in multiple certificate programs.

Students who are unable to complete the AUTP certificate within the required timelines may be asked to leave the certificate program with an earned TF certificate.

For the TATP certificate programs, if necessary, you may attend one (1) outside workshop delivered by another U of T office. You must have this workshop approved by the Assistant Director prior to attendance or it will not count toward the certificate. Please contact the TATP Program Assistant at to discuss this matter.

2. Doing both Certificates and Switching in and out of the Advanced Certificate Program

If students registered in the Advanced University Teaching Preparation (AUTP) certificate decide that due to their workload, they cannot continue in the AUTP program, they may opt out of the program, and a Teaching Fundamentals Certificate will be issued provided the required number of workshops (6) have been completed.  At least 3 workshops must be core sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: Once out of the program, students cannot re-register for the Advanced University Teaching Preparation Certificate Program.

If a student realizes, after completing the basic level of certificate on Teaching Fundamentals, that he/she would like to participate in the Advanced University Teaching Preparation Certificate Program, the student can register and transfer into the AUTP certificate program. In so doing, the student will relinquish the Teaching Fundamentals certificate and the 6 workshops already attended will be transferred to the AUTP program. The student will be required to complete all of the requirements for the AUTP certificate within 2 (two) years of their initial registration in the Teaching Fundamentals Certificate Program.  Please note that the original copy of the TF certificate must be returned to the TATP office.

Student interested in obtaining both certificates should note the following:

In order to keep the Teaching Fundamentals certificate, and complete the AUTP program as well, there can be no transfer of workshops. If a student chooses to complete both certificates, the 6 workshops attended for the Fundamentals certificate will not be counted towards the AUTP certificate. This means the student must complete 6 workshops for the Teaching Fundamentals certificate and an additional 10 workshops for the AUTP certificate, totaling 16 workshops in all.

The deadline for completing the Teaching Fundamentals certificate will remain as one calendar year, and upon completion of that certificate, the student may transfer into the AUTP program. The deadline for completing the AUTP certificate will be 2 (two) years from the time of registration in the AUTP program.

If you have any questions about the certificate program, please visit our FAQ page.

3. Attendance Policy

ALL TATP WORKSHOPS (including Microteaching sessions)

Effective January 1, 2013

LATE ARRIVALS: participants who arrive more than 20 minutes late will not be admitted to the session under any circumstances.

LEAVING EARLY: participants who must leave a workshop early for legitimate reasons (i.e. to get to a class) are asked to inform both the workshop presenter and the TATP staff member present that they are leaving the session early. ‘Leaving early’ is understood to mean leaving up to 20 minutes before the end of a workshop. Leaving more than 20 minutes early will cause forfeiture of workshop credit in the certificate program.

CANCELLATIONS for TATP WORKSHOPS: If you are unable to attend your workshop, please notify in case there is a waiting list for the workshop.

Policies on attendance and participation in Microteaching are strongly enforced. Please see the section on Microteaching Policies for further information.

Students with persistent attendance or behavioural problems in workshops may be ask to leave the program.