Additional Paid Training for TAs and CIs

As per the 2021-23 collective agreement, in addition to the first appointment training for Teaching Assistants and Course Instructors, the University shall provide two hours of work -related paid training per academic year in which they hold at least one appointment.

Training in the following subject areas will be considered work-related training for all appointments: pedagogy and inclusive pedagogy; anti-opression and anti-racism; cultural competency; accommodations and crisis referrals. In addition, the following training will be considered work-related for work required to be performed remotely: online technology; online course design and management.

TAs and CIs are not required to participate in these additional two hours of training.

The TATP is working with partners across the university to provide training options in all of the areas above. These offerings will be 2 hour synchronous sessions running throughout the academic year. These sessions can be taken both as job training and counted towards the TATP’s professional development certificate programs.

The TATP will provide participants in all job training and professional development workshops with a record of attendance that can be remitted to departments as proof of completion of a session. Please note: participants must attend the full session to receive a record of attendance.