UTM Resources

Safety Resources

Campus Police
905.828.5200 (urgent); 905.828.5200
The University of Toronto Police Service is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. They provide Community Policing, including a Walksafter Program, safety seminars, and Critical Incident Avoidance (Women’s Self Defence)

Safety at the University of Toronto
This University of Toronto website contains a list of safety programs and services, policies and guidelines, as well as prevention programs related to safety.

UTM WalkSafer
905.607.SAFE (7233)
Walksafer is a service for UTM community members who prefer not to walk alone on campus at night. Walksafers are student employees of the UTM Campus Police. Student Walksafer employees are not available on weekends, when classes are not in session, the summer session, or during holiday closures; at these times, Campus Police will provide accompaniment.

Work Alone Service
This service is provided by the University Police at UTM and is available to all members of the community who work on the campus during the quiet hours of the evening, weekends, and statutory holidays. The hours of operation are Monday to Friday 10pm-­‐7am and 24 hours during the weekends and statutory holidays. Contact University Police to register. University
Police will visit or telephone you during the period you requested. If they have not hear from you at the designated time, they follow up procedures will be initiated.

Community Safety Office
Offers support, advice and information about intervention options for individuals who have had their personal safety compromised. They will assist in the development of a safety plan and provide referrals to appropriate resources on/off campus. Weekly office hours are held on the UTM campus.
The office is based on the St. George campus; however, the Officer visits the Mississauga campus on a regular basis, and also by appointment.

Sexual Harassment Office
The University’s Sexual Harassment Policy covers harassment based on sex and sexual orientation and applies to students, staff and faculty members. All forms of sexual harassment, from verbal abuse to unwanted touching to homophobic insult are covered by the University’s policy. The Sexual Harassment Officer administers the formal complaint procedure and offers non-­‐partisan advice and counsel to those involved in the complaint process. Contacting the Sexual Harassment Officer is not a commitment to filing a complaint; people can contact the office on an anonymous basis simply for advice. The office is based on the St. George campus; however, the Officer visits the Mississauga campus on a regular basis, and also by appointment.

Health Resources

Crisis Response Team
This tri-­campus service will consult, assess risk and provide brief support to faculty/staff regarding students with complex and urgent mental health needs.

Student Academic Progress
Provides support for students with persistent difficulties in meeting academic expectations or in meeting the essential duties of being a student.

UTM Health & Counselling Centre
Offers medical care, personal counselling, group counselling and psychiatric care to assist students experiencing a wide range of challenges. Medical Care: The UTM Health & Counselling medical staff is experience in working with diverse University populations and is comfortable discussing all topics related to student health and wellness. Students can make appointments with one of the student-­‐friendly physicians or nurses to discuss a wide range of health concerns. Counselling & Psychiatric Care: the HCC offers personal counselling or group counselling to assist students experiencing a wide range of challenges. Health Education & Promotion: The Health & Counselling Centre has a peer health education program. In collaboration with other departments and student groups this Peer Health Team will provide peer-­‐to-­‐peer education on a range of health topics relevant to University students.

Academic Support

Office of the Registrar UTM
Whenever you have questions about ways to counsel students, contact the Registrar for support and resources.

Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre
The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre offers a full range of workshops, seminars and individual consultations to help students identify and develop the academic skills they need for success in their studies. They offer a variety of services including one-­‐on-­‐one appointments, peer facilitated study groups, skills and writing workshops, first-­‐year summer transition program, a preparation to launch program.

UTM Office of Student Affairs & Services
Offers support and guidance to students on a wide range of personal and academic issues. The Office also provides case management, support and leadership for specific situations where students are facing personal difficulty and/or crisis. Support and guidance is also available for staff/faculty who are in helping roles with students.

AccessAbility Resource Centre
Offers services and academic accommodations to students who have a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability or medical condition. Email to make an appointment or drop-­in Monday to Thursday 10am-­12pm, 1pm-­4pm and Friday 10am-­12pm, 1-­3pm.