Microteaching II: Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery

This microteaching option involves the preparation and delivery of a complete unit of instruction. The objective is to give participants the opportunity to develop and teach a section of a lecture in the form of a 15-minute lesson. As such, more skills will be assessed in this option beyond public speaking skills: the organization of the lesson will be analyzed, as will use of transitions between sections, effective opening and closing skills, the ability to relate to the “students” in the session and effective questioning techniques. This option takes more time to complete than the Microteaching I option.

Each Microteaching II: Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery session will involve 4 – 5 graduate student participants and 2 TATP facilitators. (One TATP facilitator runs the recording equipment and the other focuses on assessing the lesson.) In this option, each participant must prepare a Microteaching II Lesson Plan Template in advance of the session and provide the TATP facilitators in the session with a copy of this lesson plan prior to delivering the lesson. Participants will then take turns teaching for 15 (fifteen) minutes in front of their peers and a TATP facilitator. Each 15-minute lesson will be recorded, however, the video of the lesson will not be played back in the session. Immediately following the lesson, all participants will be given a few minutes to complete the Microteaching II feedback form. The instructor will also complete the form, writing down what he/she thought worked well in the lesson and what she/he thought could be improved. The instructor will then give a brief 2-minute verbal self-assessment following which he/she will receive brief verbal comments from each peer in the session and comments from the TATP facilitator. The participant will then end the session with a final self-assessment in light of the comments just received. Each presenter will keep the written forms at the end of the session. At a follow-up consultation, the instructors will receive the form completed by the TATP facilitator.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no play-back of the recorded lessons during this microteaching session. Following the Microteaching II: Effective Lesson Planning and Deliverysession, each participant recorded video will be uploaded onto MyMedia. Each participant will be contacted by the TATP office via email with a link to view and download his/her video. Participants must come to the TATP office for a follow-up consultation with their TATP microteaching facilitators in order to receive additional feedback. As part of the follow-up consultation, participants will be asked to view a portion of their recorded lesson with a TATP facilitator.

IMPORTANT – Download the Lesson Plan Template for the Microteaching II: Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery option. Feel free to modify and adapt this form to suit the goals and content of your lesson.

Register for MICROTEACHING II: Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery on EVE. Select Certificates on the drop-down menu under your name, Click on Details and Registration under the AUTP Certificate (you must be registered for the AUTP certificate to register for Microteaching). Upcoming Microteaching sessions can be seen under the ‘Practicum’ area of the certificate screen.

Microteaching – Participant Info (PDF)

Review Microteaching II Feedback Form.

Review Microteaching Feedback Tips.