Pilot Certificate Programs

In January 2024, the TATP will be launching 5 pilot certificate programs for graduate students at the University of Toronto. The pilot certificate programs are designed to provide TAs with specialized training in key areas of teaching and learning. Whether you are looking to strengthen your foundational teaching skills, explore innovative educational technologies, design engaging courses, foster inclusive and anti-oppressive pedagogies, or document your teaching journey, we will have a certificate program tailored to your needs and interests.

We believe that these certificate programs will not only enhance your teaching effectiveness but also enrich your overall experience as a TA. They will provide you with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and a supportive community of fellow educators.

Our Five New Certificates

Foundations of Teaching in Higher Education Certificate

This certificate equips graduate students with essential skills to effectively support and communicate with students. Through interactive workshops, participants explore student-centered practices for teaching in various settings. This program is intended to provide a solid foundation in learning design and develop the ability to plan effective learning experiences while addressing barriers to student learning.

Accessible, Inclusive, and Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies

This certificate introduces graduate students to theoretical frameworks and strategies for creating inclusive and equitable teaching practices. Participants engage in skill-building workshops and practical components to understand the principles of inclusive and accessible teaching. By applying anti-oppressive and decolonial approaches, graduate students learn to foster equity, inclusion, and belonging in their teaching practice. This program appeals to graduate students who seek to enhance their teaching skills while promoting social justice in educational settings.

Educational Technology Certificate

This certificate program begins by providing a foundation in the advantages and considerations of integrating educational technology. Participants then delve into practical design strategies for crafting engaging, inclusive, and collaborative learning experiences. By exploring EdTech integration models and effective pedagogical approaches, participants gain hands-on experience and the confidence to facilitate teaching and learning using institutionally supported tools and technologically enhanced active learning environments. This certificate equips participants with critical skills, such as selecting and integrating EdTech tools, embracing new technologies, and responsibly managing digital resources.

Course Design Certificate

Graduate students interested in course design will benefit from this certificate program. Through a combination of interactive modules and workshops, participants explore different course design models and practices for online, hybrid, and in-person teaching. By aligning learning outcomes, assessments, and teaching practices, graduate students create effective learning experiences. They also learn to apply principles of backward design, Universal Design for Learning, and equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility practices. This certificate enables graduate students to develop the necessary skills for designing engaging and impactful courses.

Exploring and Documenting Teaching Experience

This certificate focuses on helping graduate students reflect on their teaching experiences and effectively document them for future career purposes. Through asynchronous modules and a Statement of Teaching Philosophy (STP) Clinic, participants gain insights into the purpose of teaching dossiers and learn to articulate their teaching values and impact on student learning. Graduate students develop strategies to align different sections of their teaching dossier into a cohesive narrative that highlights their teaching abilities and professional goals. This program is valuable for graduate students interested in non-academic, alt-academic, and academic career paths.

FAQ: TATP’s program changes

What are the pilot certificate programs?

The certificate programs are a set of professional development certificates specifically designed for graduate students. These programs aim to enhance teaching skills, promote inclusive pedagogies, integrate educational technology, explore course design strategies, and document teaching experiences.

Who can participate in the certificate programs?

The certificate programs are open to all currently enrolled graduate students at the University of Toronto. Whether you are a teaching assistant, course instructor, or involved in student support roles, these programs offer valuable opportunities for professional growth and development.

How do I register for a pilot certificate program?

Registration will be available in November 2023 for programs starting in January 2024. Registration and information will be available in our registration system tatp.eve.utoronto.ca

Can I participate in multiple certificate programs?

Absolutely! You are welcome to participate in multiple certificate programs based on your interests and professional development goals. Each program offers unique learning opportunities and focuses on different aspects of teaching and educational practices.

Can I finish the certificate program (TF or AUTP) I am currently enrolled in?

Yes, you have the option to complete the TF (Teaching Fundamentals) or AUTP (Advanced University Teaching Preparation) certificate program that you are currently enrolled in. The requirements for these certificates have been updated to allow flexibility in workshop attendance. You can now attend workshops of your choice to fulfill the required number of workshops, rather than specific categories as previously required.

Do I need to cancel my registration in the TF or AUTP certificate to register for a new certificate?

No, you do not need to cancel your registration in the TF or AUTP certificate program in order to register for a new certificate. The pilot certificate programs are separate from the TF and AUTP programs, and you are allowed to participate in multiple certificate programs simultaneously. You can expand your professional development by exploring additional areas of interest without affecting your existing registration.