In-Class Observation

  • An in-class observation provides you with an outsider’s perspective on your teaching without the stress of being watched by your supervisor or department chair.
  • It is also the most effective way of getting direct feedback on your teaching in order to improve your teaching performance in the classroom. The TATP staff member will provide comments on (although not limited to):-  your organizational skills and the clarity of your lesson;
    –  your oral presentation skills;
    –  your rapport with your students;
    –  your use of teaching aids;
    –  the overall impact of your teaching performance.
  • The assessment form can become a part of your Teaching Dossier and will be of great benefit when you are applying for teaching positions.
  • This process also allows you to have a detailed conversation on your teaching strengths and areas that might need improvement in a supportive and confidential environment.
An in-class observation is a three-stage process. After you have contacted the TATP to set up a time for an in-class observation:
  • A TATP Coordinator or Trainer will contact you to discuss your current teaching context. The TATP staff member will ask you to identify any concerns you may have about your own teaching in general and specifics about the classroom (if you are encountering any particular challenges in teaching this class, the atmosphere in the classroom, the course material, etc.).
  • The actual in-class observation will occur. If you would like to have this observation videotaped, please fill out our online form. Please note: this option is entirely optional.
  • You will have a follow-up meeting with the TATP staff member. This meeting will take approximately 30 minutes. You will receive a detailed observation assessment form and, if necessary, review your recording. This is your opportunity to ask the TATP staff member any questions that you might have and then review his/her observations in detail.
The TATP staff member will observe one hour of class or lab time. If your class is longer than one-hour long, please make arrangements with the TATP staff member to find the appropriate (i.e. least disruptive) time to enter or leave. TO BOOK AN OBSERVATION
  • You must book your in-class observation at least three (3) weeks in advance.
  • Please request your ICO through our new registration system: A TATP staff member will connect with you to confirm a date and time.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No in-class observations will be booked during the last two weeks of any term.