Microteaching Registration

BEFORE registering for a MICROTEACHING I: Presentation Skills Builder or MICROTEACHING II: Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery session, please inform yourself the session’s requirements and attendance policy.

We would like to remind all Microteaching participants that space is limited. If you are unable to attend a session that you have registered for, please let the TATP office know as soon as possible. If space becomes available, we will notify the next person on the waiting list and they will need time to prepare for the session.

If you have any questions regarding the attendance of any of the following sessions, please contact CTSI/TATP Program Assistant, 416-978-2242 or  services.ta@utoronto.ca.

Attendance in Microteaching is to be taken extremely seriously. Due to high demand, TATP is unable to accommodate all interested participants and each micro-teaching session carries a full waiting list. Therefore, due to inconsideration and abuse of registration and attendance policies,the following attendance policy will now be in effect:

  1. Participants may only register for one Microteaching I and one Microteaching II session per term. Multiple registrations will be removed from the system.
  2. Attendance and preparation are expected and last-minute cancellations will not be tolerated. Failure to withdraw three business days prior to a workshop will result in an inability to register in Microteaching for six months. We recommend you only register for Microteaching when you are sure you will have the time in your schedule to adequately prepare.
  3. If you must cancel, please do so three (3) business days prior to the workshop to allow TATP staff to offer the space to another student.

Removal from eligibility for registration of microteaching may cause serious disruption in your ability to complete the AUTP certificate. Individuals who are not allowed to register for micro-teaching may only request one in-class teaching observation.

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