2022 Awards

2022 TA Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

  • Elio Colavito (Department of History)
  • Alexa Fitzpatrick (Department of Biochemistry)
  • Amanda Greer (Cinema Studies)
  • Cinthya Guzman (Department of Sociology)
  • Alexandra Martin (Department of Political Science)


  • Tommaso Alba (Department of Economics)
  • Connor Bennett (Department of English)
  • Avesh Chadee (Department of Cell and Systems Biology)
  • Salma Emara (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Celia Ferrag (Department of Chemistry)
  • Jeremy Gauthier (Department of Chemistry)
  • Daniel Laurin (Cinema Studies Institute)
  • Kamdin Mirsanaye (Department of Physics)
  • Tara Zeitoun (Department of Nutritional Sciences)

2022 CI Teaching Excellence Award  Recipient

  • Sandhya Mylabathula (Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education)


  • Thomas Ayouti (Department of French)
  • Nicole Birch-Bayley (Department of English)
  • Zachary Weinstein (Department of Philosophy)