Current Winners

2023 TA Teaching Excellence Awards Recipients

Arshad Desai (History)
Connor Bennett (English)
Daniele Iannucci (Cinema Studies)
Lauren Twible (Civil and Mineral Engineering)
Liying He (Mathematical and Computational Sciences)

2023 Shortlisted Candidates

Celia Ferrag, Department of Chemistry (UTSG) & Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (UTSC)
Dario Toman, Economics
Eric Keilty, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Hammad Khan, Sociology
Justinas Stankus, Political Science Department
Marybel Menzies, Philosophy
Reuben Samson, Department of Molecular Genetics
Peter (Tammy) Phan, Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Tania Ruiz-Chapman, OISE

BIPOC Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Kavita Reddy, Political Science

2023 Shortlisted Candidates

Arkaprabha Chakraborty, English
Richard Tang, Nursing
Samantha Chang, Art History

2023 CI Teaching Excellence Award Winner

Leanne Toshiko Simpson, OISE

2023 Shortlisted Candidates

Peter Serles, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Sabeen Kazmi, Centre for Criminology & Sociolegal Studies
Storm Jeffers, Sociology
Zachariah Black, Political Science