Nomination Process (CI)

How to be nominated:   

Nominations for the CI award must come directly from the department and need to be organized by a supporting faculty member. If a student would like to nominate their graduate student CI, they should contact their department.   

A nomination file is considered complete for a candidate when all the following materials have been received:  

  • 1 Online Nomination Form. This form should be completed and submitted by the department.    
  • At least 1 Letter of Nomination from an appointed faculty member. The letter must be from a faculty member who has direct experience with the nominee and knowledge of the nominee’s teaching activities; for example, through directly supervising their teaching or observing them in the classroom. The letter must address the selection criteria and should speak to any significant or innovative contributions the nominee made to the development of a course. This letter should also identify whether the nominee has been teaching existing courses in the department, has had the opportunity to develop courses from scratch, or has significantly revised/redesigned existing courses.   
  • At least 1 Letter of Nomination from a former student. The letter should address the selection criteria and speak to the impact the CI has had on the nominee’s learning. Where possible, the student can identify any significant or innovative contributions the nominee has made to the course. IMPORTANT: letters from current students of the CI are not permitted; letters of nomination must be from former students.  

Additional letters may be provided by non-appointed faculty (e.g., Sessional Lecturers, CLTAs, or Post-Doctoral instructors), by fellow CIs, or by additional students. However, the above requirements must be met for the nomination to go forward.   

The TATP will contact CI nominees for additional supporting documentation only if the candidate is shortlisted for the award.     

Nominations should be EMAILED to: