Ask a TA!

headshot Victoria Marshe

Victoria Marshe, Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Medical Science, U of T, Molecular Brain Science, CAMH

Do you have a question about TAing or being a Course Instructor but aren’t sure who to ask? Maybe you want to liven up your tutorial lessons to get students engaged or maybe you have a classroom conflict you aren’t sure how to navigate? Now you can Ask a TA!

Ask a TA is our version of the classic advice column – an interactive teaching tips and resource-sharing blog geared toward TAs and graduate student CIs at U of T. Your questions are fielded by your student peers at TATP, who are experienced teaching assistants and course instructors and who are familiar with resources at U of T and beyond. You can ask about any issue that pertains to you as a teacher – from your past, current, or anticipated experience – in your teaching at U of T. Questions can be submitted online anytime but the blog will post around the middle of each month during the regular academic year. Each posting will address one to three questions from you and your fellow TAs and CIs in the U of T teaching community.

Once you ask a question, you will be contacted by a TATP staff member with follow up questions. If you would like to remain anonymous, that’s OK too! Just make a note of this in the online submission forum. Our aim is for a safe and open online environment to discuss any issues about teaching and learning at the university. Think your question doesn’t quite fit this forum? Ask anyway! If we can’t provide advice specific to your question, we can point you toward a resource that will.

Further questions? Contact or ask your question below.